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★ Hi – Ho, everybody! I am Nikola Tomic (alias Nykk Deetronic), a Multimedia Designer and this is my #Audio #Video #Graphics & #Animations #Portfolio Web Page! ★ I am owner of Deetronic Design Studio and responsible for quality: Graphic Design, Video Animations, Motion Graphics, Web & User Interface Design (Apps & Games), 2D Character Design & Rigging, Backgrounds Graphics, Illustrations, Artwork and FULL Video Editing / Production along with Original Music Compositions & Audio Engineering including Sound Effects & Audio Design. I am Author & Creator of Various Youtube Content on my channel including popular videos such as Mama Voli Bebu (Mommy Loves Baby), Ide Zmija (Running Snake), Mi smo Pilici (We are Chickens), Maksimove Avanture (Maxim’s Adventures) Animated Videos / Cartoons and Techno Music Videos (dedicated to new, young parents & their kids) that are entirely based on Real Life of my family ★

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